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Intuitive Spiritual Healer Audrey Hope opens a doorway to the divine with her revolutionary techniques of healing manifestation. In a new format of meditation talk, Audrey invites us all on a transformational adventure to become our galactic potential as masters of our fate. Are you ready to live in full power?

Audrey's secret of change is to heal at the "root of the root" of the soul and to unlock keys through a deeper compass of past lives, karma and life purpose. Then transformation is simple and life becomes a miracle of free creation.

Audrey's magical CD ignites ancient techniques for spirituality, healing and manifestation. It is time to live in the energy of High Voltage Hope!
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Audrey’s revolutionary system to Manifest by Healing will ignite :
  • Secrets of Healing
  • Ancient Techniques of Manifestation
  • Eternal Laws of Spirituality
  • Energy Tools for Clearing, Alignment and Protection
  • Transformation of our DNA
  • Activation of our Sacred Geometry
  • Daily Practices for Inner Peace
3 Powerful MEDITATIONS :
  • Connect to source
  • Heal the soul
  • Transform our DNA
All you need is a chair and a deep desire to change...

Audrey Hope is a multi-talented force in the healing arts and entertainment industry and has been awarded for inspiring a "revolution in perception" in the media. Audrey is an Intuitive Spiritual Healer and Addiction Expert and served for years as Director/Counselor at a famous rehab in Malibu. Her revolutionary techniques of transformation have been applauded by CEO's, celebrities, leaders of industry and people from all walks of life. Audrey is a writer motivational speaker and is
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Awareness Magazine readers may recognize Audrey's name from her "Voices of Hope" column, which appears regularly in the publication, offering uplifting passages and transformational poetry. She may also be familiar to some for her work in the entertainment industry as an actress, producer and talk show host. Her award-winning internationally -syndicated cable TV show , "Real Women", featured interviews with some of the best known luminaries in he field of women's issues and spirituality. Audrey's latest production is a CD entitled, "The High Voltage Hope System" which draws upon many years as an intuitive spiritual healer and addiction specialist at a prestigious celebrity rehab in Malibu, and shares ancient wisdom along with the modern techniques for healing, manifesting, activating higher awareness, working with energy fields, and achieving inner peace in our daily lives. Although this is not a "music review" per se, there is a lovely keyboard soundtrack by Paul Armitage that plays in the background behind her narration and guided meditations. Audrey has a wonderful speaking voice that is a pleasure to listen to, and is a natural talent for explaining metaphysical concepts in understandable terms that can be translated into easy-to-follow action steps. Subtitled, "Crack the Code of Your Life", the secret of change as she sees it, is to go deep and heal at the "root of the root." Drawing from her own experience and supplemented with quotes from well-known authors such as Joseph Campbell, Dr. Judith Orloff, Victor Frankl, and others, Audrey offers a powerful tool for self-empowerment and alchemical transformation.

By Michael Diamond

Dear aud,
You are fabulous. It is fabulous! I listened to the whole disc on my way home. I love it. You have such a wonderful feeling for language and you write beautifully. The words just fly and flow. And the delivery! You are so easy to listen to. Friendly, appealing, gently persuasive, wonderfully modulated, and marvelously clear -- every word. Well-paced and colored. Also flawless - and personal. I loved the content, too -- you lay out your thoughts and explanations systematically, with fascinating, supportive references. (Viktor Frankel and his "Search for Meaning" is one of my favorite books -- and I have made his point of view a cornerstone of my belief system, too -- the one power we always have, when everything has been taken away from us, is the attitude with which we face our situation. A great truth!) I like the classy packaging and promotional language and the name of your system, and I like the classic simplicity of your presentation.

Rolf Gompertz, Author
'Sparks of Spirit: How to Find Love and Meaning in Your Life 24 Hours a Day'

Dear Audrey, What a fantastic accomplishment - The CD is just awesome and what all of us on the planet need. It is so well done and thought out and healing - You should feel so proud of yourself for producing this "work of art".

Rusty Berkus, Author

Audrey's CD is amazing!!! She pours years of wisdom so generously with such realness Love and Joy!!! Get it now people, it works!

Angelica Perman Spiritual Intuitive Counselor and Healing Artist

I listened to your CD again last night. You sure packed a lot of information into a compact amount of time. Love listening to your voice too. Can't tell you how much I appreciate knowing that you are out there. Your CD is a PhD program in esoteric thought.

Love~ Mar

Last night begun listening to your beautiful CD. I was sooo touched by your voice. It truly speaks and sounds peace ant calmness and tranquility, and of course TRUTH. I look so forward to spending the time with your CD. It will be a very "Special" time.

Love Always, Terrill

This journey started in me when we had our phone meeting. It keeps rolling around in my head/ much is there. I have also purchased your CD and have listened to it several times. (today I thought I'd listen while I took a walk... At one point I realized I had just shut my eyes, then started to laugh because I was walking along Hwy 101...NOT the place to walk blind ) I like the explanations as well as the guided meditations. I LOVE the fact that it's not a right or wrong thing, I may do it differently or experience it so differently from others. But the process has begun.

I have for a long time now felt and believed that the energy of the universe was what changed things, people etc. The things that keep coming to mind is that the power is within me. I can make the decision to allow the positive forces, energy or whatever into my being. The things I know have caused pain/hurt whatever no longer need to rule how I think, feel, act.

I would love to have you as my spiritual guru, mentor...whatever. However I don't really even know what that means. I love you Audrey....thanks for being in my life!


Your CD is gorgeous and brilliant! It is amazing that you manage to put so much Truth and wisdom and healing into one hour…Thank you on behalf of the whole planet.

Sincerely, Barry Bruder

Dear Audrey,
Sending you love and appreciation for all that you do and have done for me. I think of you often and give thanks for your continued abundance. I wanted to tell you that when I received your newsletter I was so drawn into the message and energy of the words chosen to convey your unique style, but I think that $19.99 is not enough to charge. It needs a worthy price tag. I think $39.99 implies a more valuable product. Just my little input!

Xoxoxo Jane

Review of High Voltage Hope System with Audrey Hope
By Robin Stuart

I have just listened to Audrey Hope's CD "High Voltage Hope System." This is an amazing work, as she has the background of a Spiritual Counselor working for 10 years at a celeb rehab facility in Malibu, and a lifetime in search of practical spiritual truths, which she deftly translates to the listener.

In this CD Audrey shows "How to Crack the Code of your Life" and activate the ancient power of Spirituality, Manifestation and Healing "in an instant." As a former New Yorker she calls it "New York Spirituality," fast and easy. She says people spend years in therapy with little to no success, because they are trapped in their story. Audrey offers an alternative - A combination of understanding energy fields proven in quantum physics, and how to use them to lift yourself out of your "story" and entrapment in circumstances. She says, all the answers are within and you need only yourself and a chair!

What follows is a detailed but simple instruction to empower yourself by understanding the use of the physics of light, color, sound and movement. Though the source of these forces is invisible, they are the very fabric of our journey in this world of illusion. Audrey says, to put your hand on your heart and say, "I'm ready to change, I surrender, I'm open to whatever." She adds, "always listen to your own heart and speak your truth or you will get sick. We're here to get home, we lose to find, never to be lost again, an alchemy of purification, the human into the divine. We manifest our issues and what we need to learn, we investigate from here, like Michelangelo it's there, just remove the stone." From this you unravel your life's puzzle.

The series of simple but profound exercises that allow pure light in from the top of your head to fill and activate your chakras and pineal gland, and apply the tenants of physics to spin the "liquid light" to reset your actual DNA. She then offers a transformative visualization, of light stairs, a door, temple and angels, a purifying and healing through which one begins to manifest. Practically, you assert that you are done with sickness and pain, that you will never allow anyone to hurt you, to follow your truth, to be done with negative energy and take responsibility for being a master of your fate. Audrey says this is wake up time, evidenced by the world's change in politics and weather. Wake up to understand, we are galactic beings. She cites Napoleon Hill's, "Think and Grow Rich" where he shows that great people use their 6th sense (galactic), not their physical senses.

She cites the mistaken dismissal of feminine power, goddess power throughout time, showing that cultures thrive when women are empowered, that women are natural mystics, but our culture focuses on the physical woman by a hyper critical media. She says his-tory is just that, women being delegated to second place and relates her interview with Riane Eisler, author of "The Chalice and The Blade," when women were equal in all ways. Audrey states "women need to take their power back, and that they can save the world."

She offers simple tricks to healing, saying you don't need to be in the same room to heal a relationship, the core problem is always the same, it is one fight, and to figure out what that is, in turn resolves the chain of problems. She quotes Joseph Campbell "where you stumble, there lies your treasure." All pain she says is a "wake up call" and your chance to seek divine guidance from within. She mentions Victor Frankel's seminal work, "Mans Search for Meaning," inspired by his years in a Nazi prison camp. He says suffering ceases, when you see it has meaning, that is, you have a "why" to live you can bear any "how".

She claims all health problems are cells slowing down. Her guidance in activating and spinning your cells, supports tenets of physics as well as ancient writings.

She believes we have soul wounds from our past carried in our cellular memory and that we must be neutral (Buddha) to pain and circumstance; accepting them is a perception that actually heals.
She quotes energy psychiatrist, Judith Orloff , who teaches her patients to protect, align and center their energy field and to beware of psychic vampires, to become wise and clear them . Your psychic radar tells you one of two things 1) someone took your energy from you or 2) you gave it away. You always feel either good or bad. As above, neutrality can vanquish pain. Audrey says depression results from "holes in our energy field that we must seal."

She gives several other exercises to break unhealthy connections to people in our past. She cites that sacred geometry points out we are electronic light beings, and it is our job to activate our light bodies. She mentions Dr. Emoto who proves that our feelings affect the quality of water, which in turn supports the understanding of our powerful energy fields.

At the end of her guided meditations she says "open your eyes and it is done". This harkens back to her instant New York spirituality. She takes you on a simple but profound and esoteric journey that deals with growth, healing, and manifestation and there you are alone in your room on your chair !!

Thank you Audrey hope for doing the work that led you to freedom and will indeed lead many others who have the good "karma" to hear your CD.
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