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It is time for women. It is time to honor again the beauty of being a real woman, a queen. For when she regains the throne, the "Sovereignty of the Self", the men and the world will follow. Women first.

Women can transform in about 20 minutes if you tell her the things she needs to know. No one else needs to be present - Only her self and a chair, and a vow - "I am now allowing myself to transform."

She needs to know the truth that women are and always will be the enlightening strength of every civilization and it is her feminine gifts of love and compassion that is the hope for the world. As stated in the Vedic Scriptures, the degree to which women are respected, is the degree to which a society prospers. Respect for women humanizes a society.

She needs to know the truth that she has been brainwashed.

The problem started at the very beginning. Throughout the globe, throughout the centuries, women have been assaulted and manipulated. Original documents of the goddess have been hidden and burned. Her story has been history, of man though his conquests of war and women delegated to secondary creature and like, Eve in the garden, blamed for the fall from grace.

History has been a damaging deception, a horrific crime of such magnitude, that it has raped the soul of womanhood, cut off her authentic voice, replacing natural feminine gifts with wounds of self judgment, guilt, punishment and pain. She lives in a patriarchal system, a power structure of impossible standards that perpetuates the message that woman as God made her is simply not good enough. Deadly for the problems and pain it creates in her everyday life with self doubt, and every other assault on the self. In its extreme instigating rape, pornography, incest, domestic violence, and female circumcision.

Every woman feels bad about herself. She can only focus on what is wrong and what needs to be fixed. She battles an internal war that says, "I am not pretty enough, young enough, smart enough, skinny enough, good enough." Ask a woman to face herself in the mirror and say, "I am beautiful", and she finds this a difficult task. If she is always worried about age and wrinkles and weight, than she will be distracted from her power. She suffers from what I call, a "double crime"… for things done to her is crime enough, but oh, how she blames herself! Self - doubt is the greatest of evils!

Thank God we are now telling the true story of women, her side of it. As Riane Eisler, author of the groundbreaking book, The Chalice and The Blade, has said, "There is a more hopeful story of her cultural origins, where once upon a time society revered the female and men and women lived in harmony and partnership, embracing a feminine ethos of love and compassion."

Rolf Gompertz states, in his erotic and sacred love story, Abraham the Dreamer, "There was a time when goddess, priestess, woman had great power exceeding god, priest and man. The matriarchal system was the order of the day. Things were different. It is amazing to find out how powerful the feminine influence was on society and religion. I am stunned by this and all its ramifications."

The truth is that every woman has the same story, the same spiritual journey, the same initiation to goddess - hood -, losing herself to find herself to never lose again. Her path is - cruxification to resurrection to eternal freedom. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, we are here in earth school to know that all the power we need is in our own shoes.

It is time to remember her power, her voice, her magic. It is time to tell herstory as a victorious tale about a beautiful queen who took back her throne. Triumphant she reigns with the royal truth that women are and always will be the healing elixir of the planet. As the lighthouse, the beacon, the radiance she inspires others to do the same…

When she heals.

HEALING WOMEN with Audrey Hope
Activate the high frequency of self-love
It is time for women, and it is time for women to heal. She must become the queen again, and live by vows of self-love and self-esteem. She must understand the goddess journey has been a circle of return-to lose to find to never lose again. She must follow her own heart, and speak at full volume. She must marry her true self, or pay a high price.

My name is Audrey Hope and I dedicate my life to a sacred revolution, resurrecting the goddess within and "restorying her story in history." I am passionate about helping women, heal.

I am an expert on women's issues serving for many years as a Spiritual Intuitive Counselor at a famous rehab in Malibu; Producing and hosting REAL WOMEN, an international award winning Cable TV show dedicated to creating positive female role models in the media; and I am a popular columnist and writer for several magazines. I am a woman on my own healing journey who has the privilege to study with many master teachers from all over the world.

I aim to ignite the truth that has been stolen from us through the ages- that we are multidimensional light beings and blessed with magical energy to heal ourselves and the world. I can help open a doorway to the divine, to become our high destiny. My secret - to MANIFEST BY HEALING.

"Healing is really simple, when you do what needs to be done. We must go beyond the 5 senses, the rational mind and heal at the "root of the root" of the soul. Like Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem on the level in which it was created. One can spend years in therapy and write a thesis on their pain, but they don't heal. One needs an alchemist who knows how to go down into the cave with you and solve the deep riddle of the soul - to investigate from a map of past lives, karma, life purpose, vows and contracts. When you unlock the keys to your soul, transformation is simple and life becomes a miracle of free creation."

My mission is nothing less than full transformation - a personal relationship to source that can affect change in the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Happiness is than practiced as a positive choice, and we are forever changed.


I invite you all on a transformational journey to your highest potential. Are you ready to live in full power?
Contact hopesvoice@aol.com

Written by Audrey Hope or let the audience know they are now going to be reading three of my articles, and there are more other places.

Circling with her through time and tears She begins to sound the same path.
No matter where she began,
Or with whom she walks,
Across language and culture,
She tells the same story.
Always the same story-

It is a triumphant tale.
It is sad.
It is amazing.
The rape of her soul to her resurrection -
Losing to find.

Applaud her.
She deserves it.
She has overcome, the once upon a time:
There lived a beautiful goddess,
And men were kings and knew how to honor her gifts.

Until one day, they grew scared of her power,
And fooled her into believing she was weak,
And it was all her fault.
Slow and steady they crafted a wrong story.
It was the deadliest of weapons,
The worst of crimes,
Implanting self-doubt in her veins to keep her quiet.

In endless years of subtle brainwashing,
They covered her mirror,
They killed her power.
Always she was in the shadow of pain,
But mostly, for the loss of herself.

Till finally exhausted and spent,
She falls and bellows to the wind,
A rage, not heard by human ears-
"Who have I been listening to?
Certainly not the truth that burns inside my breasts."

And she screams.
Mine is a goddess heart that beats with the divine,
That loves in gentleness with the angels,
That knows the magic to conquer all the hate in the land."

Miraculously, through the centuries, she still held within,
her secret fire, an armored essence.
They underestimated the light in her that could never die.
They forgot that she would remember her ancient destiny,
To roar again like the lioness and save the world.

On her knees once more,
But this time victorious.
With gratitude for the beauty of her recovered soul,
That cost such a high price,
And was worth it.

This is her true story.
Her goddess quest to meet herself.

You don't need to change the world,
The men, the government.
Just know your light.
Then you can reclaim your spirit,
And tell someone,and they can tell their girlfriends,
And their friends can tell the world,
And soon the lies in the history books,
And the media won't carry the weight to keep us hating ourselves.

Instead the royal truth shall reign,
That women are and always will be the healing elixir of the planet.
This is her true story-
About a beautiful queen who took back her throne.


"The divinity in me salutes the divinity in you."

As Woman, High Priestess, Goddess, Wife, Mother, Lover, Friend,
I vow to marry myself…first.
I promise to love, honor and respect me for all time.
I promise to speak my truth and listen to my sacred heart.
I know that I AM A QUEEN.
And I join you in my knowing of what I am.
And I take you as partner, husband, because you understand…
The Holy Grail is my body,
Divine light flows in my veins,
And together in holy joining,
We both sanctify,
The power of who I really am.
I choose, dear beloved, to cherish you,
As sacred love from Heaven and God above,
But only on the terms of this agreement.

A love relationship is….

Can you take it? Do you dare? Do you have the guts to pass the high test of love?

The heart speaks its own language and can take you on a wild journey.
You will travel away from all sense and rationality, and shape shift into madness. Love beats to its own drum, until with enough noise and confusion, you are forced to listen to a new philosophy, a deep spirituality, and a high math. The holy equation of love is 1 plus 1.

The war of man and woman is the battle to love oneself, truly and supreme. We knock on each others walls, until there is a break in its defense. Naked then, and fragile, we begin to bend. In the blessed opening , the light comes in. Let it shine in the mirror. Observe what has happened to you. See the holy formula of love work inside your soul.

Thank each other for the chaos of the heart. In the grace of time, love finds understanding. Time is kind to love. In empty space, it heals things. It finally teaches, when all is said and done, that we need our own wholeness. The best you and the best me, is the only chance for divine union.

Where do we go to find love? You must be the love that you seek.
Always be in love. Then he/she will float into your life, like the river follows the wind. Heaven awaits after the tears and storms of love.

Be brave in the challenge of love. In lessons and in pain, heal thyself. Then in the sun of morning, after much understanding, join hands.

MAY it be known that this edict applies to every woman, in every nation, in every culture, in every era, for women everywhere suffer, then and now, from the wounds of his-story. The curse bestowed upon her down through the ages, and today, is the worst of crimes- the loss of her own soul and ancient magic. In the name of the most high, may she now be restore(yed) and resurrected into her divine power. Hear her tale:

Once upon a time there lived great women who possessed the secrets of the kingdom and the wisdom of the ages. The divine goddesses convened in sacred circles and healed the people and the land. But men grew frightened of her and so they devised an evil plan to steal her power. They used the most dangerous weapons imaginable- tricks of guilt and shame and invisible brainwashing that turned her against herself. They tore her name out of holy books and blamed her for everything. The deadly deed- they stole her goddess power and her knowledge of it. And so her magic lie dormant, hidden and forgotten. Sometimes she would catch glimpses of it, in moments she might remember. But without her wings, the world looped down into heavy weights of war and siege. Without her love and light, the world grew dark. Until now…

The golden age prophesy foresees a time for women. But, she must now rise up, wake up, and transform into the full restitution of her holy power. She must reactivate ancient codes, rebalance what is unfair, unequal and set things right. She must be “unbrainwashed” to lead the way for peace for herself, men and the planet.

It is time for her RE-EVOLUTION - A higher movement, a spiritual feminism, a circle back into her divine connection, beyond the original scope. What began as a mission on the ground- fighting for basic rights, wages, votes, body protections, respect, freedom from abuse, is now an inner journey to the resurrection of her soul power. She must be fully seated on her throne. Only then will equal men and women accomplish the joined spiritual task to heal the earth.

The battle has been long. Much has been required.

This remarkable fight to win back the earth is an unprecedented grand experiment to take over the job of angels and masters. We have been tried and tested for the divine mission. So many of us did not know the curriculum, the plan, and the reasons for the hard lessons, and so we suffered greatly. The new age taught us to attract from law, and so we are confused as to why our dreams do not come, even when we do everything to make it so. May the truth be known. We are manifesting what serves our higher soul. We are in a master class to gain strength and grow our light. All issues must be healed and cleared. The course is spiritual warrior ship. Everything serves.

May she now reign again as the queen she is. May she understand the horror of her brainwashing and the crime through the ages. May she now reboot her sacred power, move into the sovereignty of herself, the place no one can destroy, belittle, criticize, rape, weaken, kill or silence ever again. She must take her place in history.

In the law of the limitless light, in the power of the one, I come from the land of the ancient ones, and it is my divine given right to live in my sacred power. I as woman, decree:

  1. I will never again ask for permission to be who I am. It is beneath my sovereign power to hold a scorecard of what the world says of me.
  2. I will never give away my soul light and I shall never allow it to be taken. I protect 100 percent of my energy to manifest my own dreams.
  3. I am first. My relationships are only icing on the cake. I will love another wholly and not “holey” (from a place of need, a donut hole that needs to be filled). I am aware of my vulnerability to give everything for love till I am depleted, and I am on guard of this weakness, and heal it with the armor of self-love.
  4. I allow every emotion, every feeling to be expressed, honored and validated by me. I am free to speak my truth and follow my heart.
  5. Guilt and shame are no longer allowed in my vocabulary. I simply step into my center alignment and allow healing fires to face what I must, heal what I must- quickly and easily.
  6. I will no longer fall prey to a life system that does not allow me to age or celebrate my strengths. My weight and beauty are not measured in bathroom scales or mirrors. I am from the holy realm and my true worth is priceless and immeasurable.
  7. I will never allow myself or any woman to be hurt or put down ever again. I will stand up, change laws, scream, yell, change attitudes, beliefs and injustices. Enough is enough. Silence no more!
  8. I alone have the power to stop all self-doubt. I wait on no one. I end the inner war that says I need to be fixed.
  9. I am a goddess; I am light from a legacy of light returning to the age of light. My job now is to activate the hidden potential in my DNA, to access higher frequencies in my body and embrace the collective awakening of humanity.
  10. I know my life can change in a moment, like caterpillar to butterfly by following feminine spiritual law- the boundaries of self-love and self-care. In love with myself, and in honor of my inner beauty, there is nothing I cannot do. I can reach for the stars, and take everyone with me.
I begin re-evolution.

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