I always felt a call in my soul. As a girl from Queens, while others were out playing, I would sit home and prepare for my spectacular future in the lights. I think a mission is like that - you can feel it down in your cells, in your DNA. And so my high path began.…

An agent discovered me in the Little Miss America Pageant. He found my mother in the crowd and told her he saw "something" in me. This passion for expression sparked and stayed with me through all the years. I studied at The Academy of Dramatic Arts, graduated with a BFA from Ithaca College and performed Shakespeare in England. I won awards for acting, and then I went off to LA for the movies.

But, it was ugly working in Hollywood. It is all about weight and looks. So many producers wanted to change my name or my nose. And I really liked both. I worked in a clothing store to pay the bills. "Why am I here?" I asked God. I realized later, that this is where it all began. I watched women. I listened to their stories…

There was never a woman who ever thought she looked okay. No matter what size or shape, they were never happy with their bodies- they are too fat, too short, not enough of this, not enough of that. I just saw evidence of women's lack of self esteem and the pain it caused. I began to put the pieces together - the effect the media had on the goddess, and how she was destroyed in her everyday life. I read two books that affected me greatly- The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, and The Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan Faludi. I was on fire! I had to go on TV and tell women they were brainwashed. They really didn't know!

And so, REAL WOMEN was born - An international cable TV show dedicated to creating positive female role models in the media and life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. REAL WOMEN set the record straight, telling the truth of "her-story in history", and inspiring the goddess to reclaim her power. The guests, outspoken visionaries, appeared as if by magic. And I won awards for excellence in cultural programming.

I funded everything with sheer grit and determination, by garage sales and selling shoes. My family thought I was crazy… carrying sets across the city, delivering shows from the back of my car, and hanging flyers on every billboard I could find. But I didn't have to ask anyone's permission to live my high dream. My show turned into a mission, a heroes journey…like my mentor Joseph Campbell has said, "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." "Follow your bliss." And as Victor Frankl advocated in his book, The Search for Meaning, happiness ensues when you follow life purpose.

The guests changed my life, but it was HH Shri Mataji, World Spiritual Leader and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, who sparked my full transformation. Shri Mataji says, by restoring the image of womanhood, we pay honor to her mothering energy of love and compassion and thus the spiritual survival of the nation. She blessed me and it was the greatest experience of my life. She said, "Audrey do you understand this is about real women?" I knew then that the world would never own me and I vowed to live up to my name and to be a voice of hope.

People started coming to my home for help and they brought their friends. And they just kept coming. One day a teacher said - "It is time. Tell the universe you are ready." And I did. I made a vow - whatever was right would have to come through the front door. And I quit everything and I sat in my living room and I waited on god. And I sat.

My neighbor was dating the brother of the owner of a new rehab center in Malibu. I went along for a ride. They hired me. They put me in an office and said - "go do your thing." And that is how it began. For over 7 years, I sat with people in pain, and found new ways to end suffering.

I used my intuition and my love for truth. All along, I continued to work on my own healing with master teachers. As I transcended patterns in my life, my psychic abilities expanded. I became clairvoyant, with the gift to thread peoples past life with their present suffering, to read the other side, and to unlock blocks of the soul.

My sacred covenant is to align with God. And my mission is to teach true wealth - the sovereignty of the self and the connection to the light. The high path is the way. The only way. I wish it for others.

I started writing down the sacred information - in columns, books, CD's, and for seminars, radio, and new TV shows. I am now available for private healings and soul readings.


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