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The principle of prosperity article

We all are the same. We all want more - more love, more money, more happiness. But how do we get it? We can read books on laws of attraction or take all kinds of classes. We can pray and we can also do affirmations all day long, but n the end we would still likely ask - "Where are my dreams? When is it my turn?""

There is hope for our frustrations! The truth is that we Manifest By Healing. and to heal, you must work with an alchemist, a talented seer, one who knows how to go down into the cave with you and investigate your life from a higher compass, a deeper map of karma, past lives, vows, contracts and soul purpose. When you unblock the keys and get to the "root of the root" of the soul, then transformation is simple and life becomes a miracle of free creation. Anything is possible!

Audrey has explored the issue of "having" for many years. As Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and "Healer to the Stars," Audrey astounded so many with her revolutionary techniques of healing and manifestation. Like a true New Yorker, she wanted change to be real, practical and fast. She understands the pain of wanting so much and feeling left out.

"There is a formula to manifestation", says Audrey. "It is in our frequency and vibration that must raise up to the rate of our healed soul. As energy beings, we must become our highest potential. I can show you how… because I did it myself".


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The Principal of Prosperity Article Written by Audrey Hope
Prosperity is the mathematical equation of my souls healing.
As I move closer to center, subtract my stuff, more is added unto.
The magical returns- I sense wealth with less.

In the grand laboratory of abundance,
The experiment- balancing thoughts to equal happy words,
Controlling the mind in theorems of positivity.
And my formula ends small.

More than affirmations and techniques,
Beyond secrets and laws,
Is the EQUITY of my soul's deep journey.
The calculation is my authentic heart plus my real voice,
And bounty accumulates like night from the day.

My conclusive theory of ARN-
Appreciating the Reality of Now.
The axiom so simple…
Work on yourself.
Become the goal.
Everything happens for the highest good of the soul.

Life is the real guru.
Lessons knock at the door,
the messenger arriving at the right time,
Showing us what to do next.

Stop fighting the road.
You can never get lost.
The path is always about healing.

Prosperity is the reward of hard self work.
I invest in me, my growth - there's gold.
I am the bank.

An opened Stargate,
It's Sirius!
Special bright star aligned in today's sky,
Shining potent sun energy,
Foretold, to shift the ages.

Blazing a new law of abundance:
I do not pull towards me with a law of attraction,
Instead I radiate outwards from my center source,
And flood the world with light.
And those who can share it with me
will find me.

Finally the world makes sense.
Invisible balance sheets
That figures the real price of things-
Getting and having,
Does not the winner make!

A different bank weighs the gold:
To heal the soul,
To overcome this place,
To be a gem.

The test of riches-
What have you become through all the days of your life?
Can you simply thank the morn for coming?
Does your rhythm go day by day?
And sing- I have enough.
I am enough.

The serious manifestation code-
I am the true expression of my soul,
My desires gleam out from the divine,
I know my value to share the lamp,
And the return is deserved peace.

My mirror calls me
A master, it sees…
I have survived the tempests, the challenges, and the waiting-
The endless waiting!
I have overcome planetary changes, new alignments, and all the energy shi(fts).
I have been tossed and turned and rebuilt again.
And then one more time.

I had a dream, and did everything to get it,
And I didn't, and I triumphed over that too.
Then there were the relationships dramas,
The karmic fires, the onion peels of my soul.
There were the failed attempts at the law of attraction,
And the constant pounding in my head to think positive and create reality!

But now I see,
We are in training to become:
A galactic soul at the end of the Mayan calendar,
The gold in the alchemy,
The phoenix out of the ashes!

My friends are all here with me,
In the same power club,
With jobs as stellar pillars to hold the light.
A sacred quest sewn into our DNA,
that cannot be washed out, though we have tried.
And all the while watching an unfair world,
And all the while clearing our chalice,
To contain the gold.

We are the miracle brigade of 2012,
Neutral and supreme!
We can blaze out darkness,
And blind everything with love.
In spite of it all, no matter what, and after all the pain,
And god must be astounded!

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