What do you truly hope for, for yourself and your life? The times now challenge us to become our highest potential, our highest dream. The answer to everything, absolutely everything is spirituality - experiencing spiritual peace, learning spiritual law, and healing at the spiritual level. There is hope for our lives!!!

Audrey's revolutionary techniques of transformation, found through years of working with people in pain at one of the most prestigious Rehabs in California, inspired Audrey to find a "way" that is fast, easy and practical. Audrey's system is a transformational adventure, activating ancient power of spirituality, manifestation and healing. Audrey's secret - WE MANIFEST BY HEALING.

Audrey's Spiritual Counseling is a magical unique process that awakens spiritual awareness of the self - to take one beyond the rational limited concepts of the mind, beyond the 5 senses, and the boundaries of traditional therapy, to profoundly impact a life. The goal of this healing journey is nothing less than full transformation and to effect change in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

"Healing is really quite simple", says Audrey. "One must heal with an alchemist, one who knows how to go down into the cave with you and solve the riddle of the soul at the "root of the root of the root." From a higher perspective, a deeper soul map, of vows, karma, life lessons, contracts and soul purpose, and an energy release of the "soul's storage bin", one can begin to solve deep core issues in the light of day." When you unlock the "keys to your soul", transformation is simple and life becomes a miracle of free creation.

Change is invited through energy, light work, meditation, saving the inner child, processing pain in the cellular memory and activating sacred geometry in the body.

Like Michelangelo, who removed the stone to find what was already there, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, who traveled the yellow road to ask a wise man for salvation, she only had to click her heels to find the way home. When we unblock the barriers to the light, and sit free in the silence, we can know the truth - that we are powerful light beings with magical ability to heal ourselves and the world.

Spirituality is the missing piece in the healing dynamic to end pain. If one can connect to the power within, one can heal. Inner peace is embraced in the eternal moment of self-realization and we are forever changed.


Audrey served as the Director of Spiritual Counseling at one of the most prestigious rehabilitation centers in Malibu. Audrey has had the privilege to assist people from all walks of life, many leaders, stars, and Ceo's, on their healing journey. Her revolutionary techniques of transformation and spiritual insight continue to fascinate and inspire.

Audrey is an ordained minister and graduate of Ithaca College and has studied with many of the spiritual masters around the world. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, World Spiritual Leader and Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize, has called Audrey "A great soul on the planet today". Audrey has been described as the "Healer of our Age." The Observer has called her, "A beautiful light in our world."

In 1992 Audrey created, produced and hosted, Real women, dedicated to creating positive female role models in our media, and life altering perspectives that can transform our world. Audrey has been honored with an International Award for Outstanding Excellence in Cultural Television Programming.

Audrey is a writer of many upcoming books and her columns HOPE IN THE CITY and VOICES OF HOPE in the popular AWARENESS MAGAZINE offer life-saving advice to thousands of readers. Audrey is an esteemed Motivational Speaker inspiring others to live the "heroes journey" - what Audrey coin's - "The Sovereignty of the Self." She echoes the words of her mentor, Joseph Campbell, to "Follow your bliss" and the words of Shakespeare - "To thine own self be true."

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"Happiness is a practiced skill. Health is a strong choice. Love is the healing force," says Audrey Hope, Spiritual Counselor. In her answers to the following questions, Audrey describes how recovery from alcohol and drug dependency involves spiritual recovery. She explores the inner dynamics of healing and shares some tools you can use to promote your own spiritual health and healing.

How Important is Spiritual Therapy in a Recovery Program?
Spirituality is the heart of a healing program - the center, life-giving, vital force. It is like giving air to someone who needs to breathe. Spiritual Counseling is the power, foundation, and root from which all healing stems. Trying to help someone without a spiritual context is like trying to run a car without an engine. I am astounded by the number of treatment programs that leave out Spiritual Counseling. One client had been to sixteen treatment centers, and she was still looking at her alcohol problem with shame and guilt. She did not show a hint of self-love and self-esteem, which is what she needed most. This is the missing piece she received through this work.

What is Spiritual Counseling?
One must begin to define Spiritual Counseling and enlightenment by saying what it is not. It is not a religion, a doctrine, a faith, a system of rules to live by. Spirituality must be redefined as the return to a higher consciousness of love. The way you travel to get there is not important, because all roads must lead to it. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, all must take you home, to the same destination of unconditional love.

Spiritual Counseling is a powerful healing paradigm that goes beyond the five senses into the deeper soul, where all true healing takes place. It is a dynamic process to self-love, self-esteem and self-ruling that inspires you to follow your own heart and your own path. Spiritual Counseling commands "To thine own self be true." On higher ground, we know who we are and what we are capable of becoming. In higher law, we are lifted beyond mediocrity into the powerful truth that we are spiritual beings with the ability to heal ourselves and others.

Spiritual Counseling is a deep healing modality that is about the freedom of the soul. It is different than psychology because it invites one to go beyond the rational mind, to enter the divine energy vibration of love and peace. In the real feeling experience of this type of healing one does not need concepts, beliefs, faith or ideals. You can feel vibrations on ones central nervous system. This is the basis of the ancient spiritual teachings and the wisdom of the past ages, that we are powerful multidimensional beings of light.

Why Does Spiritual Counseling Help Healing take Place?
Einstein said you cannot solve a problem on the level in which it was created. Audrey takes this concept further into the knowing that healing is not done in the rational mind. Audrey says, "Some people have been in therapy for years and can write a thesis on their problems, but they don't heal. Healing must take place on a deep energy level in the soul. One needs an alchemist, a transformer, someone who knows how to look down into the cave, and the maze, and to solve the puzzle of the soul. A talented healer has radar into the soul, eyes that know where to look and wisdom to ask the right questions."

Spiritual Counseling seeks to clear problems at a profound level. It works because it answers the questions of what really makes us suffer as human beings. We all feel pain for wounds not processed, truth not spoken, anger not expressed, unconscious beliefs that kill, low self-esteem, self-abandonment, and longing for inner peace.

Spiritual Counseling looks for answers in damaging belief systems, loss of personal power, energy blocks, thought processes, attitudes, life purpose, choices, boundaries, commitment to truth and integrity and past lives, vows, and karma. In Spiritual Counseling, we are asked to take control of our own healing, make conscious active positive decisions, create boundaries, take responsibility, end victimhood and grow up.

How Does Spiritual Counseling Help Addicts Get Well?
1. Alcoholism or drug addiction is viewed as a divine wake-up call Dependency is never just about the alcohol or drugs. In a higher spiritual context, alcohol and drugs are a signal, a guidepost, to show you where you need to look to find the potential jewel. Drugs and alcohol chart the story, the wound, the scream, the unexpressed cry in the soul. The dependency is a call for transformation. As Joseph Campbell has said, "Where you stumble, there lies your treasure." When we are on our knees, we begin to look up.

2. Heal the soul wound
Spiritual Counseling looks to heal the ancient soul wound - the long ago wound that one came to earth to heal. It is the deep core pain or issue that was reinforced in early childhood, at around age 5 or 6. Unless that deep loss of soul is retrieved, one will follow the same patterns again and again. One will spin in a never-ending circle and meet the same characters in a divine play. Life and relationships always form patterns and themes. Spiritual sight is viewing life as a mirror that reflects back to us, the lessons we need to learn.

3. Understanding energy
As energy beings, we need to understand the invisible energy that steals our life force. We need to know to whom we gave our power to, and also who took it from us. We must seize back the hooks, the chains, and the chords that bind us to others. Spiritual Counseling helps us to locate where our boundaries have been invaded and identify the negative energy that makes us tired, angry, confused and full of self-doubt. We then learn to protect ourselves from all kinds of energy drain and use spiritual tools as an armor of protection.

4. Digging into cellular memory
People carry pain in their bodies and the past in their cells. The soul will give us messages to tell us about this pain, if we know how to listen. The soul will talk as a child, in simple colors and pictures. For example, a client might say, "I feel like there are hooks in my back." "I feel like a monster is living in my stomach", or "there is a hand choking my neck." This sacred language of information reveals what is hidden in our inner being. When we learn how to listen and interpret these secret messages of the soul, it can lead to transformation and save years of therapy.

5. Investigating unconscious belief systems that kill
Unconscious cultural, family and religious beliefs need a special category in healing dependency. In my years as a counselor, I have been astounded by the pain people carry because of "hidden rules" they live by. Their unconscious ideas of sin and punishment produce guilt and shame and gnaw at the soul. By uncovering dark beliefs and bringing the out to the light of day, one can heal in a moment. The most powerful spiritual principle is that "thought creates reality."

6. Listen to your inner child
People hurt us. We may work on our pain and anger for years, and it may ease. But the most damaging part is the way we abandon ourselves. We all have an inner child. What your inner girl or inner boy needs most, is you and your attention and approval. Your inner child is waiting for you!

7. Finding the "AHA" moment in healing
In this "now" moment of transformation is the deep spot where the pain began. If you know how to travel to this sacred place, you have an opportunity for real change. Someone has to know how to take you there, and you must have the courage to walk through, to get to the other side. In this spot Audrey says, "Ring the bell. It is a time of celebration."

8. Realization that healing is not complicated
Spiritual healing asks you to look at truth in the light of day. The most profound part comes after the exploration and recognition of the problem. In spiritual power, you can then decree, "I am now letting this go!" All healing eventually becomes a command and a choice - a conscious active decision to change. (Sometimes, I refer to my healing process as New York Spirituality - get real, get to the point, and be the best you can be, NOW!)

9. Choice
After all the discovery, happiness is a choice, a practiced skill, a positive conscious decision to change. I decree I am now letting this go. I vow to live in love. The vows of self love are:

What is the Major Spiritual Issue You Fnd When Working With Those Who are Dependent on Alcohol and Drugs?
Everything is energy and we are energy beings. All spiritual work is truly about raising the energy level, the vibration and frequency of the body. On the path to self-realization, we are challenged by negative forces that try to lower our vibrational frequency. Negativity is magnetized to a low vibration of fear and self-doubt. Your self-abandonment opens the portal for negative energy to invade the mind and body. All great healers are aware of this truth. There is no greater opening for these energies than drugs or alcohol.

Negative energy is dangerous. It can come in the form of tiredness, dizziness, self-hate, confusion, depression, anxiety, and in its extreme form, the desire to commit a crime or hurt another or oneself.

What makes us vulnerable to this energy is what Audrey calls our "Achilles Heel" - our deepest wound, which is the spot that activates our greatest fears. Everyone has one. It is the part of us that was wounded from childhood, is still in pain, and is therefore frightened and vulnerable. It is our shadow self that follows us around and haunts us wherever we go. We will go to any length to hide our weaknesses from ourselves and others. Spiritual Counseling can help you discover your "Achilles heel", seal the portal to keep out negative forces and clear yourself of the dangerous forces that have entered your world.

The secrets of alchemy can free oneself of unwelcome energies. Simply know and declare your spiritual power. You can say in a commanding voice: "In the name of the pure white light of God, I now command all negative energy to leave me immediately." Miracles happen when we approach healing from this level of positive energy.

What Makes a Good Spiritual Counselor?
They are hard to find. Be sure that they are loving and wise and have a high goal to lead you to your best self. They are not to impose doctrine or belief systems on you. They certainly should not convert you to any form of religion. You can always choose to put a spiritual program together for yourself. The program must have elements of support, inspiration, positivity, hope for the future, and intention to manifest your dreams. You can take steps to design a spiritual program for yourself:
  1. Look at resources in spiritual magazines. Look at the back of magazines to find teachers, classes and groups and other resources in your area.
  2. Read spiritual books or listen to recordings of books. The sacred information that was once hidden from the public is now abundantly available in bookstores, libraries, and on the internet.
  3. Engage in home practice. Buy or create your own home study course with guide books and journals.
  4. Listen to audiotapes, videos, or DVD's of great teachers of the past and present.
  5. Join a support group. If you can't find one that's right for you, create one. Meet once a week to discuss a new topic and mark progress.
  6. Attend events. See who is coming to town, attend special events, weekend retreats or take some classes.
  7. Enjoy art, music or drama. These are great for the soul and for inspiration.
  8. Join a nature group. Being in nature will get you in touch with your source.
  9. Travel. Look for a tour to a sacred site in the United States, India, Egypt, England or other parts of the world.
  10. Work with a Spiritual Counselor in person or by phone.
What Can I Do to Begin a Spiritual Healing Journey?
One can begin a spiritual journey by whispering your intentions to the wind, to your spiritual source. Say, "I want to live a true, great life. Show me the way." The universe hears the call. The doors will open.

You can begin a spiritual journey right now by asking yourself deep questions like: Can You Share An Example Of How Spiritual Work Helped Someone Break Free from Addiction?
I worked with a client whose breakthrough came when she was able to discover the real source of her pain through deep soul work. Susan was happily married, with three beautiful children and a thriving career in the arts. Everything seemed fine and wonderful, except Susan wanted to die. She was suicidal when I met her and addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. She had been in therapy for years, but nothing helped her depression.

The one area of concern for Susan was her relationship with her business partner. Susan was concerned that this relationship was causing her to make poor decisions regarding her family. Her loss of power in this situation was unbearable, and Susan could not understand why she was so obsessed with pleasing her partner.

Through spiritual work and exploration, Susan discovered a deep wound pattern that explained the issues that were at the bottom of this unhealthy relationship. In a process known as, "reframing", Susan revisited the moment the pain began. She changed or "reframed" how it played out. She was able to say what she could not say in the past in order to release her anger, frustration, and fear. This deep level of exploration and expression turned out to be Susan's salvation. Once she understood the source of her obsession, everything finally made sense. She was able to let go of the pain, and as a result, Susan was no longer dependent on drugs to cope.

Audrey specializes in Spiritual Counseling - or as Audrey says, "On whatever needs to be done for your transformation." The goal is to find answers from a higher perspective, a deeper compass that brings everlasting results. To solve the riddle of the soul, we might need to look to past lives, karma, vows and contracts made and life lessons. Then after exploration, happiness is a powerful choice. Audrey's secret is to MANIFEST BY HEALING.

Like Edgar Cayce, who can see into past and future, Audrey seeks profound answers that bring everlasting change like:

Counseling Sessions Available:
  • Soul Retrieval and Healings
  • Life Counseling
  • Energy Work
  • Addiction Healing
  • Embracing self esteem
  • Manifesting your dreams
  • Freedom in relationships
From this vantage point of healing your soul, Audrey will help your life become a miracle, where all dreams come true.

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