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Despite the challenge of our times, we are upon an evolutionary crossroad, a, "Renaissance of the Soul", and so we require a new way of being, and new levels of awareness. To embrace the spirituality of our times, and our highest potential, Audrey Hope presents… REAL WOMEN TV.

REAL WOMEN is an award winning International TV Talk Show dedicated to creating positive female role models in our media and life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. The show aims to be a life-saving forum for issues that truly matter in our lives. The viewer is invited to embrace a "Revolution in Perception" and to bring our world to its next possibility. It is within our means to do so.

REAL WOMEN knows that women are the enlightening force of every civilization and it is now time to set the record straight and to tell her true story. Her story has been his-story, where women have been delegated to secondary creature and blamed for the fall from grace. This damaging deception has perpetuated her lack of self esteem and other assaults on her self.

REAL WOMEN tells the truth, according to Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade, "where once upon a time society revered the female and men and women lived in harmony and partnership embracing a feminine ethos of love and compassion."

REAL WOMEN knows it is time to honor again- a woman's inner beauty, her true power, her authentic voice, and her magic to heal herself and the world.

REAL WOMEN is not based on heated arguments, confrontations or celebrity hype. Fame or a best seller is not the criteria for being a guest, but the simplicity of a powerful message that carries the weight to heal others. Guests are the outspoken new voices of our age, who combine logic of the mind, with wisdom of the heart.

People are now thirsty for wisdom and spirituality. People are seeking answers to the big questions in our lives, and needing inner peace and a higher security. People are being forced to look deeper.

REAL WOMEN and Audrey Hope have a big dream to transport all into a new experience of peace and healing.

REAL WOMEN, created, produced and presented by Audrey was awarded for "Excellence in Cultural Programming" and has been seen internationally by thousands of viewers.

I am a girl from Queens, New York and I came to Los Angeles to work in film and television. Hollywood is brutal. It is all about looks and age and weight and I was frustrated with the horrible stereotypes of women in the media. This was the first hint of my life purpose.

I worked in a clothing store and I wondered what the hell I was doing there. It was much later that I realized what the universe was planning- I was watching and listening to women. Now matter what size or shape, they focused on what was wrong and what needs to be fixed. It really shook me up. I saw evidence of women's lack of self-esteem and the pain it caused, and I began linking it to the society, the culture, our history and the media.

It was 1992, and I read two books that affected me greatly - The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf and The Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan Faludi. I was on fire. I decided to use the media as an empowerment tool and do one show on TV, just to tell women they were brainwashed.

I had a vision while sleeping. The name Real Women came to me. And then the mission statement- a cable TV show dedicated to creating positive female role models in our media and life-altering perspectives that can transform our world. The guests, the visionaries of our time, came by magic, by the law of attraction. The response was amazing. Before I knew it, I had a whole concept for a TV series.

I found money and equipment by sheer determination and passion. Nothing could stop me. I did garage sales, sold clothes, and rugs and shoes. My family thought I was crazy. Carrying sets across the city, delivering tapes in the back of my car and hanging flyers on every lonely billboard I could find.

From a higher perspective I was living a dream. Real women evolved into a mission, a hero's journey. Like my mentor Joseph Campbell has said- "follow your bliss." And as Rumi has written- let yourself be silently drawn by the pull of what you really love.

Many of the guests changed my life. I interviewed Marianne Williamson, Byron Katie, Susan Jeffers, Judith Orloff, Caroline Myss, Joan Borysenko and many other pioneers. When I met HH Shri Mataji world Spiritual Leader, Nobel Peace prize nominee and associate of Gandhi, my mission really began to make sense. I had the privilege to sit at Shri Mataji's feet and she said- "Audrey, this is about real women. Do you understand what you are doing and how important this is?" She helped me to know that by restoring the divine feminine, we do nothing less than save the world. I knew I would never be the same. And I vowed to live up to my name and be a voice of hope.

One day the call came. My show was to air across the world. And the press started to find me.

I began to do women's groups and healing work in my living room. People came and brought their friends. They just kept coming. One day my spiritual teacher said to me- okay it is time. Tell the universe you are ready. And I made a vow to myself and to the universe, whatever was right for me, would have to come through the front door. I quit everything, held to my high self-esteem and I waited on god.

A friend asked me to take a ride to see a new healing center in Malibu. And I just went along to see the beautiful scenery. That is how it all started. Well, I was hired and they said - go heal! And so I sat with people in all their problems and pain and addictions for almost 7 years. And I found revolutionary ways to transform deep core issues of the soul.

And all along this journey, I worked with many master teachers to heal myself. As I transcended patterns in my life, my world changed. Not from tricks of manifestation but from true healing work. I learned ancient secrets of manifestation and power and how to honor the truth of what we are and what we carry.

I started to write it all down. And I began to share the wisdom at public forums. And in books and CD's.

If you stay on intention, it carries you through life. Shri Ramakrishna has said, "Do not seek illumination, unless you seek it as one whose hair is on fire, seeks a pond." It is always a choice to take the high road.

I leaned despite all the teachers and the healing techniques, life is the real guru. It will show you what to do next, if you get out of the way. My life turned out better than anything I could ever dream of. Through the years I have been happy because I have become what I teach - my own authentic self.

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  1. A Sacred Revolution with Marianne Williamson
  2. The DNA Code of Abundance with Margaret Ruby
  3. A New Medicine: Positive Energy with Dr. Judith Orloff
  4. The Inner Science of Security with Susan Jeffers
  5. A Time for Women with a panel of contemporary women
  6. Intuition: The Language of the Soul with Mona Lisa Schulz
  7. The Higher Principles of Money with Maria Nemeth
  8. Love: The Real Deal with Dr. Pat Allen
  9. Get Out of your Mind by Telling the Truth with Dr. Brad Blanton
  10. The Technology of Freedom with Byron Katie
  11. The Visionary Power of Film with Stephen Simon
  12. The 4th Dimension of Evolution with HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
  13. The Sacred Knowledge of the Universe with Barbara Hand Clow
  14. "Her" Story in "His" Story with Riane Eisler
  15. Honoring the Sacred Gifts of Womanhood with Joan Borysenko
  16. The Cultural Assault on Women with Soraya Mire
  17. Life-Altering Perspectives with Caroline Myss
  18. What is the Hope for a Stable Society with HH Shri Mataji, Part 1
  19. What is the Hope for a Stable Society with HH Shri Mataji, Part 2
  20. The Healing Power of Food with Dr. Neal Barnard
  21. The Joy of Living in a Free Body with Judith Stransky
  22. The Reality of Angels with Donna Sheraton
  23. Nature's Free Medicine with Beryl Nozedar
  24. Thought Systems for a New Social Consciousness with Rusty Berkus
  25. The Emotional Aspects of Sexual Harassment with Linnda Durre
  26. The Legal Aspects of Sexual Harassment with Sheila J. Kuehl
  27. Women Forgotten from History, Who is Margaret Fuller? With Laurie James
  28. Celebration of Native American Women: Valerie Redhorse, Leta Rector, Bonnie Paradise
  29. The Female Side of Spiritual Law with Becky Loving
  30. Breast Cancer, Is there an Alternative to Radical Mastectomy? with Tami Lynn
  31. How do Images in the Media Affect our Lives? With John Sarno
  32. Why Can't the Media make Money from the Truth? With Betty Friedan, Callie Khouri, Ella Taylor, Linda Ellman, Terry McMillan, Kit Raclas
  33. Women and Money with Dyan Sublett and Karen Stone
REAL WOMEN TV SYNOPSIS purple shows can be seen on site
  1. A SACRED REVOLUTION with Marianne Williamson, best selling author. The times now challenge us to our greatest power - the remembrance of who we are and our infinite possibilities. The salvation of humanity lies where it always has - within. Our magic wand is the eternal compass of spiritual principles, standards and higher laws that never change. This show invites us to return to our right mind and to shift from fear and return to love. It is time for radical change, radical peace, right here, right now. We are the ones to lead a sacred revolution. Audrey Hope interviews Marianne Williamson on her new book- The Gift of Change- Spiritual Guidance for a Radically New Life.
  2. THE DNA CODE OF ABUNDANCE with Margaret Ruby, pioneer in the field of transformation. Abundance is our divine heritage and high destiny. The ancient secrets now reveal that we hold within our DNA the magic power and divine potential for infinite possibilities. We are alchemists, masters of our fate, a powerful force of creation and coded with the perfect blueprint for prosperity. On this show we will learn hot to return our genes to their original code of perfection.!
  3. A NEW MEDICINE: POSITIVE ENERGY with Dr. Judith Orloff, pioneer in "energy medicine', presenting her new book, 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress and Fear into Vibrancy, Strength and Love. This show challenges traditional medicine and its love for prescription drugs to heal what we really suffer from - a hidden physical, emotional and spiritual energy crisis. Real Women presents, "Energy Psychiatry", a new psychotherapy/philosophy that addresses pain from the language of energy, and invites us to go beyond the 5 senses and the rational mind to finally marry science and spirituality and the heart and mind. Illness can now be viewed as an "initiation by fire" and an opportunity to open our hearts to the positive energy of love and compassion.
  4. THE INNER SCIENCE OF SECURITY with Dr. Susan Jeffers, author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. There is no such thing as security. Yet we search everywhere for safety and guarantees, trying to do the impossible and control the uncontrollable nature of reality. But there is a more powerful way to live. We have the magic of choice - the godlike ability to command inner peace based on decisions and not on conditions. Joyful living is a habit. This show helps us to re-educate the mind and re-train the soul so we can lift up beyond mediocrity and say yes to it all! It is time to know that life can be wonderful despite uncertainty or because of it.
  5. TIME FOR WOMEN with a distinguished panel of women. Women never feel good about themselves. They always focus on what is wrong with them and what needs to change. It is time for women to reclaim her true power, her essence, her voice, her intuition, her magic and to heal herself and the world. It is time for women to embrace her real revolution - her inner revolution to self-love.
  6. INTUITION: THE LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL with Mona Lisa Schulz, PhD, best selling author of, Intuition, Using Your Mind, Body Network for Insight and Healing. Intuition is not a magic power. It is a way of seeing, hearing, feeling with insight and understanding. It is the language of the soul. Even science agrees that its power can have enlightening consequences to change the way we pay attention to ourselves and the world. This magical perception can give us awareness in our everyday lives and nudge us in the direction of health and happiness. Listen and awaken to your inner voice.
  7. THE HIGHER PRINCIPLES OF MONEY with Maria, Nemeth, PhD, best selling author of The Energy of Money. Money is simple energy, that when released, releases life's possibilities. It is also our greatest teacher with lessons to enrich us, for how we do our money is how we do our life. On this show we will share enlightened money management, a synthesis of the spiritual and practical road to prosperity. The higher principles of money are really universal principles for successful living. True abundance is channeling energy from our true nature, to go with courage where our hearts draw us to go, and to live a life that is rich.
  8. THE REAL DEAL with Dr. Pat Allen, famous relationship therapist and author of Getting to I DO. We are a complex culture, evolved, enlightened, equal men and women and we are free… But we are also lonely, confused, single and divorced. It is so great that we have said goodbye to old stereotypes for men and women, but with all the change, one has to wonder - What about love? How do men and women get together in the new millennium? This show clears the whole mess up.
  9. GET OUT OF YOUR MIND BY TELLING THE TRUTH with Dr. Brad Blanton, best selling author of Radical Honesty. Our ultimate resource in this new millennium is not our technical advancement, but our incredible potential to choose to awaken the essential self and go beyond the logical mind. Our real freedom lies in our power to correct learned mis-information about our reality. Deadly lying is the problem of our age. The truth shall set you free.
  10. THE TECHNOLOGY OF FREEDOM with Byron Katie, founder of "The Work." This show offers a way to end suffering on all levels - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual by investigating our thinking. (our concepts and stories). To understand that all suffering is in the mind. "I am the perpetrator of my pain, all of it." This show helps us to understand that reality is the highest order and the gift of inner clarity is innate in all of us.
  11. VISIONARY FILMMAKING:WHAT DREAMS MAY COME with Stephen Simon, metaphysical film producer. Films can illuminate new landscapes, chart new maps, model new paradigms, and emphasize empowerment for the future. Metaphysical filmmaking can impact the transformation of our consciousness. Stephen is a pioneer in this exciting new genre, and reveals how he meditated and manifested millions he needed to make his films.
  12. THE 4TH DIMENSION OF EVOLUTION with HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, world spiritual leader. This show explores the most revolutionary discovery of the present age… the collective transformation of the human being. This is the next step in our evolution, the 4th dimension, that will awaken us to become nobel individuals capable of saving ourselves and the world. Entering the 4th dimension, we can connect to the all pervading power of divine love, and feel God on our central nervous system. Now we can prove, like a science, that God exists.
  13. THE SACRED KNOWLEDGE OF THE UNIVERSE with Barbara Hand Clow, famous author on past lives. On this show we expose the ancient secrets of the ages, that science is now finding - that we are energy, "god-seeds," multi-dimensional beings with a stellar identity and earth is the place to touch other dimensions. Our job now is to activate the hidden potential in our DNA, and to do what the great teachers of enlightenment have been preparing us for- to access the higher frequencies in our bodies and to embrace the collective awakening of humanity. It is time to wake up!
  14. HER STORY IN HIS STORY with Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade. History has lied to us. Our beautiful past has become a big wrong story, a damaging deception of such magnitude that woman, as secondary creature, is to blame for the fall from grace. This show offers us a more hopeful story of our cultural origins - that once upon a time society revered the female and men and women lived in harmony and worked in partnership to embrace the feminine ethos of love and compassion. This special show shares the wisdom from the ancient Vedas- the degree to which a woman is respected is the degree to which a society prospers.
  15. HONORING THE SACRED GIFTS OF WOMANHOOD with Joan Borysenko, PhD, best selling author. Women are natural mystics, innately spiritual, in tune with the rhythms of the universe, the sun and the moon, and moving through life's journey in sacred cycles that bring, at each turn, special challenges and gifts. But women know so little about their "circle of life", and "rite of passages." They have been prejudiced by a society, a history, a media, that has hindered a woman's true potential and her authentic voice. Until now, when her story is now being told in a framework all her own and not based on comparison to a man.
  16. THE UNSPOKEN CULTURAL ASSAULT ON WOMEN with Soraya Mire, film-maker. Throughout the centuries, women have been assaulted and manipulated and this is a reflection of the universal language that perpetuates the dangerous message that woman, as God made her, is simply not good enough. That somehow God has made a mistake. In this groundbreaking show, we learn about the horrific practice known as female circumcision, which spans the globe in 40 countries.
  17. LIFE-ALTERING PERSPECTIVES WITH CAROLYN MYSS, pioneer in "energy medicine." It is time to embrace the life-altering perspective that we are energy beings, more than our 5 senses, spiritually powerful and blessed with an unlimited amount of energy to heal ourselves and our world and to live inner peace. It is time now to view our lives through a bio-spiritual lens, and heal our bodies by examining our souls. Thinking in higher ways, we now know that miracles are ordinary, healing can be an overnight happening, love and forgiveness can move mountains and illness can be a divine opportunity to meet God in darkness.
  18. WHAT IS THE HOPE FOR A STABLE SOCIETY, PART 1 with HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, world spiritual leader, former associate of Mahatma Gandhi, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee. We are entering a special time in the evolution of humanity. According to Shri Mataji, today is the time prophesized by the saints, known as the "blossom time." In this special time, we can end our emotional, economical, spiritual and global turmoil by solving the problem of the human being. This show shares the divine process of "self-realization", the connection to source that is the gift of the age.
  19. WHAT IS THE HOPE FOR A STABLE SOCIETY, PART 2 with HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, world spiritual leader. This show, the first time seen in America takes us through the process of "self-realization", the most revolutionary discovery of the present age, when you can feel God on your central nervous system. Now we are capable of going beyond the mind and entering the energy of the divine. On this show, you can experience the divine vibrations through the grace of Shri Mataji's meditation.
  20. THE HEALING POWER OF FOOD with Dr. Neal Barnard, author of Foods that Heal Pain. The 60 billion dollar health industry has let us down. But now, even science can not deny what other cultures have known for centuries, that food has amazing healing power and the secret to good health, and a good life is found in our own refrigerators, literally in our own backyards. Foods can heal back pain, headaches, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Watch the show the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to see.
  21. THE JOY OF LIVING IN A FREE BODY with Judith Stransky, teacher of the "Alexander Technique." We are not meant to struggle through life! This show unlocks the secret to health and happiness through this amazing technique that promotes the freedom of the body and mind, and makes joy last a lifetime. Relax and enjoy the show!
  22. THE REALITY OF ANGELS with Donna Sheraton, "angel lady". This show presents Donnas' near death experience and her years of communicating with angels. We learn that the significance of angels is not in who or what they are, but in what they do. Angels lead us into the extraordinary landscape of miracle minded thinking, that can expand our consciousness, open our hearts and transform humanness into divinity.
  23. NATURE'S FREE MEDICINE with Beryl Nozedar, international healer. The way to good health has always been free and nature, with all her gifts, has always provided answers to preventing, alleviating and curing disease. Miracles in healing can literally be found at our feet, in our own backyards. Nature can save us money, save our lives and empower us to take control and responsibility for our own health and make us self-sufficient. Watch this show and embrace the world's wonderful bounty of free and effective medicine and overcome the need for dangerous prescription drugs.
  24. THOUGHT SYSTEMS FOR A NEW SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS with Rusty Berkus, inspirational author. We must embrace new ways to live, new levels of awareness and new thought systems. Why? Because our violent culture no longer knows what love looks like. We have forgotten the beautiful truth of who we are and our sacred purpose on earth. This show reminds us that the greatest love story of all, the love of the self, has radiating energy to heal ourselves and our world. We can create a "Renaissance of the Soul", by embracing the profound power of positive thought systems such as love, integrity, dignity, forgiveness and faith.
  25. THE EMOTIONAL ASPECTS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT with Linda Durre, psychotherapist. Hollywood is a cradle of harassment and there are few outlets for the emotional, unconscious trauma. The show offers an in-depth study on how to cope.
  26. THE LEGAL ASPECTS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT with Sheila J.Kuehl, city official. What is the line between a sexual advance and a friendly gesture? Can a rude comment be considered sexual harassment? This show is a must for this generation, as it explores everything you need to know about sexual harassment but were afraid to ask.
  27. WOMEN FORGOTTEN FROM HISTORY, WHO IS MARGARET FULLER? With Laurie James, actress. Margaret Fuller was a woman of "fascinating firsts", the pioneer for women's rights in America, yet never spoken of in our history. Why?
  28. THE FEMALE SIDE OF SPIRITUAL LAW with Becky Loving, spiritual teacher. Born dishonored into a culture based on the patriarchal law of perfection, women still live in a power structure of impossible standards. How can women embrace a counter-culture movement, a new way of seeing based on love and support and alignment with the true laws of heaven. This show teaches us how to end the war with ourselves and to remove judgment where light is intended to be enthroned.
  29. THE CELEBRATION OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN with Valerie Redhorse, Leta Rector, Bonnie Paradise. The media has been unkind to the Native American woman portraying her in the image of "old Hollywood", with feathers on. Who is the Native American woman of the new millennium and why do we need to know the truth about her??
  30. BREAST CANCER, IS THERE AN ALTERNATIVE TO RADICAL MASCECTOMY? with Tami Lynn, famous Hollywood manager. Breast cancer is the disease women fear most, for along with the fear of death, is the fear of disfigurement, and the anger that women with cancer are not entitled to the same degree of vanity as other women. This show explores the myths of breast cancer and offers women positive alternatives.
  31. HOW DO IMAGES IN THE MEDIA AFFECT OUR LIVES? With John Sarno, famous acting coach. This show explores the power of images in our everyday world. What we see determines how we live and how we act. How dangerous can that be?
  32. WHY CAN'T THE MEDIA MAKE MONEY FROM THE TRUTH? With famous panelists, Betty Friedan, Callie Khouri, Ella Taylor, Linda Ellman, Terry McMillan, and etc. This powerful panel discusses how the media affects us in our everyday life.
  33. WOMEN AND MONEY with Dyan Sublett and Karen Stone, directors of Philanthropy at UCLA. This show explores how women, who now hold record wealth in this country, can influence every aspect of our world.

DNA CODE OF ABUNDANCE with Margaret Ruby

A SACRED REVOLUTION with Marianne Williamson






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